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A meeting to remember! The Observationist demonstration delivers unique insight into human perception through magic, mentalism and yes, even hypnosis, showing how people process information and how you can use that knowledge to become a master communicator.


The Observationist will leave your guests wondering what they’ve been seeing, but missing! Though wonder, astonishment and laughter you will witness the impossible, and learn how to perform some of these demonstrations of observation yourself. An hour+ of entertainment will be an experience you’ll never forget!


The Observationist started in a psychology class at Harvard, demonstrating how the brain and senses work together to experience the world. Using techniques of magicians and mentalists, these concepts demonstrate sensory awareness and observation, and when we’re done, you will have a new understanding of people and communication.


Custom engagements with The Observationist deliver targeted research and presentations from sales training, marketing and advertising analysis to motivational speeches. Keep an eye for The Observationist, a book in progress!


"Boggled their minds"

Moe Kraft – IBM

“David engaged the audience in mind boggling demonstrations and they insisted that they were not magic but rather ways of observing the world differently and picking up on cues from information right in front of us”

"New Dimension in Learning!"

Harvard Psychology Class (Birthplace of The Observationist)

“Definitely a unique course!  A facepalm after we see just what we miss!  Like David said, these days we pay less attention to more things…  A fun new way to learn!”

"Everyone should experience this!"

Travis Roland – IBM

“As a sales leader, communication and awareness are critical.  David’s presentation opened up new avenues of awareness in dealings with customers”

"Go See This Guy!"

Edward Francis Oschmann Magician, West Palm Beach, FL

“Dave’s “The Observationist” puts a unique and refreshing perspective on using the art to really see beyond what just our eyes tell us.”

"Immersive Showmanship"

Rebecca B – CIC Boston

“Magic in Business and Life” for CIC Boston’s Virtual Arts Week was truly a delight! Dave engaged our audience with participation and immersive showmanship, and he demonstrated techniques for improving memory and communication through magic and mentalism. His anecdotes were hilarious, and his vibrant storytelling really illustrated the concepts he conveyed.

Can’t wait till we can work with Dave again!

"Invaluable Guidance"

John Cassidy-Rice – TedX

“Dave’s guidance was invaluable to me in organizing TedX Chichester, and as The Observationist, captivated the audience, garnering rave reviews. Thanks Dave!”

Based in Boston, MA – USA    Engaging Audiences Worldwide!