The Observationist: Exploring The Magic of Human Perception

Education, Entertainment and Enlightment

The Observationist is an interactive presentation tailored to your audience

Keynotes and Corporate Meetings

A meeting to remember! The Observationist demonstration delivers unique insight into human perception, through magic, mentalism and yes, even hypnosis, showing how people process information and how you can use that knowledge to become a master communicator.

Pure Entertainment

The Observationist will leave your guests wondering what they’ve been seeing, but missing! Though wonder, astonishment and laughter you will witness the impossible, and learn how to perform some of these demonstrations of observation yourself. An hour+ of entertainment will be an experience you’ll never forget!

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The Observationist started in a psychology class at Harvard, demonstrating how the brain and senses work together to experience the world. These concepts are illustrated through the presentation of magic and mentalism, demonstating sensory awareness and observation, and when we’re done, you will have a new understanding of people and communication

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Speeches and Publishing

Custom engagements with The Observationist will deliver targeted research and presentationds from sales training, marketing and advertising analysis to motivational speeches. Keep an eye for The Observationist, a book in process!

What you see - or DON'T see

The power of observation is a combination of human senses. Understanding and using that power provides you with extraordinary communication skills
Everything you see in this presentation is real - or is it?

After you finish seeing The Observationist, you will know more about human perception and communication than you ever thought possible. This is taught through direct demonstration of magic, mentalism, hypnosis. You'll not only be entertained, but you will see just how perception is guided and even bent and you may even walk away wanting to perform a miracle or two yourself!

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